Newsletter, Anyone?

You have dreams, don’t you?

If you’re here, you probably want to do one of the following:

Start a business
Start consulting
A combo of both?
Something I haven’t thought of

But you need help. Everyone does, it’s okay.

My name is Andrew Dodson. I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant.

What does that mean?

I have 7+ years under my belt in ecommerce, direct marketing + B2B marketing.

Doing what?

Email Marketing
CRM stuff (SMS, Push…)
Lifecycle Strategy

How does that all fit together?
Picture this:

If you want to succeed (like, really succeed), you’ll want to acquire customers in some fashion… Be it Facebook Ads, Insta, forums, in-person…

Then, you’ll need help throwing them to a landing page. You’ll want to collect their emails & throw them into an automation.

Also, you’ll have to think about how to nurture these leads with different marketing initiatives.

You’ll want to know how to write them well.

How can I help?

I am compiling a resource of best practices and easy-to-follow pieces of advice from the world of digital marketing all in one place.

I am going to do a weekly newsletter with curated marketing advice and music recommendations.

I am going to start a podcast to help you and people like you get better at digital marketing.

I am going to consult you and others to success.

At the very least, this is all going to be very fun.

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Andrew Dodson

Digital Marketing Consultant

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